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By taking into account the following steps, it is possible to enjoy a healthy relationship as a couple. Every milestone we reach comes as a result of a lasting love that is strengthened by God.

First: DO YOU SHARE THE SAME VALUES?. As we see in life in general, as a couple each person can see things with their own unique perspective. There are different ways to face an issue. Do you both share the same values? (Whether this refers to your own personal or family background, your spiritual/religious beliefs, your sports interests, etc.) These as well as others, when placed next to each other and shared, can produce a sense of purpose in the marriage!

Now, when we think of a couple, we realize that each person comes into the relationship with their own history and background:

Regarding individual freedoms, are these questioned or are they understood by both people?  Is it fair to do “whatever I feel like”? Or rather, is it better to do what “we BOTH feel is right”?  Of course, we are referring here to what is right in terms of the marriage.

Each ONE should learn about the OTHER (get to know them and their personality) in order to better understand what their priorities are, taking into account and paying full attention to the depth of their convictions.

By sharing similar values and interests, the couple builds trust within the relationship. Within the marriage, do you have shared priorities? Or do you wonder where the other stands in terms of the marriage? Whatever may happen in life, everything depends on your shared goals as a couple, especially the promises you have made to each other: to truly love, respect, and be considerate of one another. These will ensure that choosing each other as a partner in marriage is in the plan and will of God.

Second: AGREE TO RECIPROCATE AND RESPOND. Even though life has its ups and downs within a marriage, more than anything else you must ensure that no distrust exists in the relationship, since this weakens love.  In contrast, feeling safe in a relationship builds up love, and the blessing of God builds trust, giving you the sense of security that indeed you were brought together by God.  By this you will remember that marriage is a covenant of promise and not a simple transaction.  Each spouse must be viewed as a person worthy of trust.

Third: WALK THE JOURNEY TOGETHER. (Two in one) sharing common goals, projects, hopes; all these must be at the forefront of our thinking and priority as a couple. As a couple you will be able to accept one another, be unified, and live with integrity according to your beliefs that you hold in the very depth of your being.  The things you share will always be a part of the path that you will follow together. Ephesians 5:21

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